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Una Healy: 'My husband and I fight over his messy habits'

The Saturdays beauty Una Healy has admitted that her relationship with rugby star Ben Foden is perfect apart from when he fails to clean up after himself.

Speaking to OK! magazine about being married to the sportsman, Healy explained that they rarely argue, but if they do it's usually because he leaves a mess all over the house they share: "We don't have massive arguments any more. But I get annoyed when I see clothes of his on the floor or he hasn't made the bed. If you don't know what I'm like, you might think I'm being aggressive, but he just laughs at me now."

She added that they're very different where organisational skills are concerned because she makes lists to ensure all of the chores are done, whereas Foden just won't bother: "I make lists. I say, 'When I get back you must make sure the bins are left out, because you know they're only collected every two weeks.' I come back and the bin is overflowing. The Christmas tree is still in the back, it's an eyesore."

Foden gave his two cents on their domestic incompatibility and joked: "I give her a bit of grief because she's so stressed about everything. We'll have a day off but before we relax she wants to do everything off her mental list. She's very organised and motivated, whereas I'm lazy and messy! Chalk and cheese."





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