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The Saturdays: 'We didn't want to change to go to America'

UK based girl group The Saturdays have revealed that they're excited to be home and never wanted to 'change' who they were in order to try and crack the tough US market.

The beauties have enjoyed great success in America so far with their debut reality TV series, 'Chasing The Saturdays', along with several high-profile interviews on popular chat shows, but Mollie King admitted they never edited themselves to fit in with any stateside expectations: "We’ve always made a point that we don’t want to change to go to America. We wanted to go over as we are and if they like us, they like us and if they don’t, they don’t!"

She also confessed that it's so 'exciting' to finally be releasing their new single, 'What About Us', in Great Britain: "We are so excited, I mean it’s a track that we’ve had now for months and even releasing the video we were so excited. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it and to get to perform it. I’m just so excited about this one, I think it’s going down really well."

Of the track, which features Sean Paul, King added that it's very "different" from what their fans will be used to hearing from them: "It’s definitely got a different vibe just in the way that we have Sean Paul on it. It’s sort of more reggae pop. It’s still The Saturdays, it’s still really dancey and upbeat. It’s such a good song to dance to whether it’s on stage or in a club.”





Watch The Saturdays' talk about their new single, 'What About Us', below: