Frank Black / Black Francis vinyl album re-issue series commences with ‘Christmass’

Released in December

11 further album releases in 2021 via Demon Records


Savage Gringo

Demon Records is proud to present a new series of vinyl reissues from Frank Black / Black Francis.

“Salutations from the Twilight Zone, and if you think I mean the 1960s sci fi television program you are correct; I am quite literally inside of a 1960s sci fi television program. And in that context Demon have allowed me to correct certain anachronisms in my published works and are releasing some for the first time on vinyl (” - Black Francis

On 4th December the first release in this beautifully presented new series, ‘Christmass’, is released.

“Christmass is a collection of songs recorded in hotel rooms, nightclubs, and even a few actual recording studios. Some are standard live repertoire and some are new songs never to be revisited again, well, until now, sort of, so see what you think as needles drop.” explains Black Francis.

Highlights include stripped back renditions of Pixies’ classics ‘Where Is My Mind?’,’Cactus’ and ‘Wave Of Mutilation’ along with ‘I Burn Today’, ‘Bullet’ and ‘Nadine’ from Black’s solo albums. This new definitive vinyl edition is pressed on two 140g ‘cactus’ green vinyl.

Throughout 2021 and beyond, a further 11 Frank Black / Black Francis albums, along with 2011’s Paley and Francis album, are lovingly issued on 140g and most on coloured vinyl.

In this series, 9 of the re-issues have never been released on vinyl before. Only 1996’s ‘The Cult of Ray’, and the b-sides compilation ‘Oddballs’ have been released before on this format.

The first releases in 2021 are ‘The Cult of Ray’ and ‘Oddballs’ , on 12th February.

Black Francis explains the Cult Of Ray “was the band that was also the band for the first Frank Black & The Catholics record. I hadn't stumbled on to my live to 2 track obsession just yet, but I was quite enjoying the parameters of 16 track 2 inch. Fat and warm, aided by my sweet as candy pal Lyle Workman on lead guitar. Lyle can be best described as a HOT DOG with a telecaster in his large, supple hands. Super fun motorcycle ride.”

While ODDBALLS has been given this title as “they're ODDBALLS. There was once a time when even I was asked to provide additional content for auxiliary releases of main published works. It was great. They didn't care what the new content was they just needed it. Yesterday. So awesome. I get to go back into the studio and obsess a little more with no one to bother me, except by then the bank was mostly blown so we did not have a lot of TIME. Well, sometimes, fuck time.” - Black Francis.

Source Savage Gringo

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