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Scissor Sisters' Ana Matronic: 'I don't envy Jessie J's role on The Voice'

Ana Matronic from the popular group Scissor Sisters has admitted that while she loved standing in as a guest mentor on The Voice, she doesn't envy Jessie J's permanent role on the panel.

Speaking about her experience judging the contestants, Matronic explained: "I went in and Jessie and I heard them sing and gave them pointers.”

"It would be really, really tough. I’m not sure if I could do it. Jessie has a really tough job. I would get so attached to the contestants. It would be like Sophie’s Choice for me to have to pick one over another!”

The 'Take Your Mama' singer added that despite finding having to help make life-changing decisions on behalf of the talented contestants stressful, she thoroughly enjoyed the job and would love spend more time on the show:

"It was fantastic. I couldn’t believe it when the call came in. I wish I could be on there every week helping! But I could never do what the contestants are doing as a singer — I would just throw in the towel. It was a really high-pressure situation."




Watch the Scissor Sisters' new lyric video for 'Only The Horses' below: