Blue Amazon & Zak Gee – Interpretations PT- 1 (Se-Lek Musik)

Blue Amazon & Zak Gee are back on Se-Lek Musik with the latest edition of “Interpretations”

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Exclusive Beatport Release Date: 19th Feb 2018

Blue Amazon & Zak Gee are back on Se-Lek Musik with the latest edition of “Interpretations”.

The previous release of “Interpretations” in 2014 with Blue Amazon & Ian Ossia was a huge success and really captured the essence and creativity of what this project was all about. The album was (and is again) a concept album based on a variety of artists interpretations of the Blue Amazon (and on this album) the Zak Gee sound. It's not a remix project, original artist written album nor purely a collaborative album – It is a complete fusion of all these ideas in rolled into one.

All the tracks showcased on these two-part albums are either original Blue Amazon / Zak Gee written tracks, remixes of other artists by Blue Amazon & Zak Gee or other artists interpretations of the Blue Amazon & Zak Gee sound, all forged together in a powerful and unique electronic exhibit.

Blue Amazon is a respected producer and D.J. whose presence in electronic music spans two decades. He burst onto the scene in the mid nighties with ground-breaking releases such as “No Other Love” on Jackpot Records, The Javelin Album on Sony and has produced highly acclaimed remixes for non-other than Seal, New Order, Bedrock, Skunk Anansie, Sasha as well as collaborative work with Robert Owens, Alex Flatner, releases on Kling Klong Germany, Se-Lek Musik and more.

Zak Gee is another very well respected producer in today's market with releases on labels such as “Glamour Punk”, “IVR”, “Pro B Tech” and he’s an avid remixer adding his own unique touches on other artists work. He’s an artist that has a wide range of influences with the ability to be able to apply his own unique touch to any sound out there. The pairing of these two artists is something that has been in the making over a short period of time but one, which is already breeding fantastic results.

So what can you expect from “Interpretations” this time around? Well, the release this time around is spanned over two parts / two separate releases, to really captivate the abundant cross section of sounds and influences generated by the concept.

Part 1 is an expression of the darker sound of Progressive and Techno merged together. It includes original collaborative work as well as a number of remixes by Italia based Kozy, Disscut (Germany), Henek (Mexico), Patrick hero (Germany) and also a remix of the excellent Leeds based act – Feed On Digital.

Rather than describing the musical content, we would much prefer for you to download/preview and make up your own mind of what “interpretations” is all about, enjoy – Part 2 – in promotional format will follow in Feb 2018 – with a different sound and energy.

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