New Zealand Rapper to Attempt World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap


Sense Offence

New Zealand hip hop artist Sense Offence will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Rap Marathon by freestyle rapping continuously for 40 hours on Saturday, 27 November.

The attempt will take place via live stream, with the rapper also hoping to raise $40,000 to donate to charities and a not-for-profit organisation.

The 25-year-old will need to rap for more than 33 and a half hours to break the record set by American rapper, Watsky in 2020.

Sense Offence says “I’ve been freestyle rapping for nearly a decade now so I’m not too worried about running out of rhymes or anything like that. The biggest challenge will just be staying awake - but as long as I can stay awake, I can keep rapping”

He has chosen to fundraise for charities Oxfam, HUHA (a New Zealand ‘no-kill’ animal shelter) and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand as well as not-for-profit organisation Electronic Frontier Foundation, dedicated to protecting free speech and digital privacy.

“These are all causes I’m really passionate about and things I talk about a lot on my music too.”

The attempt will begin in Hamilton at 8am on Saturday, 27 November and be broadcast in real time via the live-streaming platform Twitch through to midnight on Sunday, 28 November, or whenever the attempt is completed.

Sense Offence announced his plans on the 22nd of October in a YouTube video titled ‘Breaking the Freestyle Rap World Record! (Sorry Watsky) #40for4’. In the video, he raps over the beat of Watsky song “Whoa Whoa Whoa” to explain his attempt to break the record Watsky currently holds.

“I actually like Watsky’s music quite a lot, so it’s nothing personal, but records were made to be broken!”

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