Laurel Collective - 'Fax Of Death / Heartbeat Underground'

Double A-Side Single released Monday 21st May (Tape Club Records/Believe Recordings)

“Laurel Collective rummage through the dressing-up box of pop, subverting here, pushing the boundaries there…engrossing” Q 

“The band harmonise like a barbershop quartet…moving with the ease of Barcelona’s midfield four…sounding like a strip backed Animal Collective with menace” Stool Pigeon

“A chaotic mix of rippling vocals, intricate melodies and pretty much everything else in between that makes a good pop track… Laurel Collective has produced something that prominently stands out from the crowd.” Planet Notion

“If you imagine Metronomy as the uncle of 2011’s bizarre pop uprising, Laurel Collective are undoubtedly a disobedient, prep-schooled cousin; their music a well organized chaos of bleeps, melodies and arrangements in disarray… A beautiful disorder from a frantically exciting young band.” The Fly

“A suitably LSD-coated dose of manga-pop… Beautifully mental.” Artrocker



With their very own festival under their belts (In The Woods) and debut album Heartbeat Underground on its way next month, the brains behind Laurel Collective deliver their latest offering in the form of a double A-Side single Fax Of Death/Heartbeat Underground set for release on Monday 21st May.


Fax Of Death is a song, which perfectly illustrates the band’s ability to sit staccato drums and vocals with interesting synth and guitar idiosyncrasies. Fax Of Death is captivating and lies on the peculiar side of pop, in some ways reminiscent of early XTC, it is something truly steeped in British charm. 


Heartbeat Underground shows a slightly moodier take on the rhythmic led nature of the band. It is a track that in its very existence is contradictory: elements of psychedelia fight against the powerful, tight rhythm and shimmering guitar. As the second side of the double A-Side and the debut album opener, Heartbeat Underground reveals the breadth of Laurel Collective’s sound, a nod to Grizzly Bear, LCD Soundsystem, and a hell of a lot in between.


This is the band who, whilst holding down 9 to 5’s (which includes call centres, a phlebotomist, and even producing duties (drummer Charlie Andrew recently produced the new Alt-J record) conceived and curate their very own successful festival. Showcasing the likes of Micachu and the Shapes, Pete and the Pirates and a beguiling young woman called Anna Calvi. Laurel Collective are a band of tireless superhuman effort. Despite this they appear to make light work of epitomizing intelligent music at it’s best, creating their very own witty, diverse and crucially effortless modern take on the indie genre.

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