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Gary Lightbody: "It took time for me to realise that I was actually a good songwriter"

Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol has said that he and the band now feel like they are worthy enough to be in the position they are in now after years of being down on themselves.

With the release of their latest album, 'Fallen Empires', which Lightbody thinks is their "finest work", the band feel confidant with their "VIP" status and that they finally deserve the praise they have received over the years.

In an interview with Tony Clayton-Lea from the Irish Times, the frontman says that with their sixth album, he has found confidence as a songwriter: 

“It’s only in recent years I’ve actually felt that I deserve to be at the party I’m at, you know? Now, I feel I totally deserve to be at the party; I have done enough, and feel confident enough in my position in life. Of course you shouldn’t need affirmation from other people, but I guess it took time for me to realise that I was actually a good songwriter rather than just being down on myself all of the time".

He says that with their latest album, they didn't stray too far from their original sound:

“It’s possible the word reinvention gives the wrong impression of a band maybe trying too hard to be different from what they’ve been like before; that they’re somehow ashamed of what they’ve been. That to me, is the opposite of how I feel about 'Fallen Empires'. I think it’s our finest work by miles. In terms of making the songs sound a bit different – and it’s only a few we’re talking about here – we just allowed our influences to guide instead of restrain.”

Check out Snow Patrol's video for their new single, 'This Isn't Everything You Are', and a live performance of 'Run':