SK to release new single 'Nostalgia'

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It's no secret that the sounds of Soul & Jazz, have crept back into the forefronts of our musical palette of late.

A new wave of UK artists have been trailblazing the way for a modern twist on the retro genres, leaving fans guessing who the next big name on the scene could be. You want our bet, it's London-based songwriter SK.

Born and raised in Luton, SK was brought up on her family's vinyl collection. Immersed in soul music from a young age, she was raised on the sounds of Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway. As she approached her teenage years, her tastes evolved towards the jazzier sounds of the musical spectrum. She also developed an appreciation of R'n'B after suffering a heartbreak. All of this, soon became the foundation for her artistic journey as an adult.

Ahead of her first single launch, SK has spent the last few years perfecting her solo material while touring with her band, The Kings. Her first solo excursion is the outstanding new single 'Nostalgia'.

It's a track that seems to draw on all her musical love affairs over the years. While exquisitely produced, the track has a live performance feel to it, using organic textures and live drum sounds. It's a vintage take, with a contemporary production.

"Nostalgia was written when I was in my last relationship, it's about yearning for the infinite possibilities of the beginning and realising after it was over that the only thing I really had the entire time was those memories"

Source Sonnet Music

May 21, 2019 9:39am ET by Pressparty  

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