SONO announces Dontmesswithjuan release Daily Grind

SONO Music Group announces the first release together with Canadian surrealist electronic artist, singer-songwriter Dontmesswithjuan, Daily Grind.


SONO Music Group

The first single from Dontmesswithjuan debut EP is out now on all platforms through SONO Music Group in the occasion of the first anniversary from her first release Daily Grind.

Listen to ‘Daily Grind’ HERE:

“The one year anniversary of my song "Daily Grind" marks the end of an era for me & initiates a new chapter. After one year of bringing my music production to the digital world strategies, I feel humbled and so impressed at everything accomplished. Stuff I always thought & felt was literally impossible, especially producing music myself, and then marketing my introverted not-great-at-selling-myself soul. Now that I have proven myself wrong and worked tirelessly to make the impossible a reality, I feel this world is made of endless possibilities.

What I feel most strongly about today would be to take the time to tell my past self and fellow starting artists out there to never give up on your dreams. Let's have compassion for ourselves & each other, let's fill our lives with infinite patience, discipline, love and let's adapt, transform & create together the world we do want to live in.”

The EP will let us embark on a journey and follow Juan on his pursuit of happiness expressed in 7 songs, 7 levels. Daily Grind is the first level Juan needs to confront in his quest, looking at himself for the first time.

Stéphanie has been drawn to and immersed in the artistic world from a very young age. She has been writing lyrics and music for over a decade. Learning how to produce electronic music gave her the ultimate tool to share her creativity.

Her infinite need to escape human reality has shaped her art. Her video editing skills come in handy to fulfill her mission with her music production, her music videos and her stories, to offer a cinematic experience escaping reality to release the creative power of your unconscious mind.

Dontmesswithjuan’s first album, “Juan and the pursuit of happiness”, will be unfolded in singles, surrounded by remixes and collaborations, where the fictional character, Juan, will be wondering through his inner world.


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December 18, 2020 12:00pm ET by SONO Music Group  

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