A new dark and introspective single by Dontmesswithjuan and Nomad Hills: 'You're The One Who Knows'

SONO Music Group announces You're the One Who Knows, the new collaboration between Dontmesswithjuan and Nomad Hills


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Listen to / Pre-Save 'You're the One Who Knows' here: https://sono.to/youretheonewhoknows

Waiting in line to enter your own obscurity where some answers might be hiding, without expecting you. Wrap yourself in your own darkness. Listen to what is already there. You’re the only one who knows.

This song is a collaboration between two French speaking artists connected by the need of freedom. Sometimes, the search to be free can stop you from hearing what’s already there. An accompanying videoclip of puppet shadows will be made by the puppetry artist Sherazade to bring to life the ambient, cinematic, dark yet magical aspects of the track.

Nomad Hills & Dontmesswithjuan commented: "Making a collaboration is always a beautiful opportunity to consolidate a connection through a common passion. Meeting Julien from Nomad Hills, there was a lot of laughter involving Québec French expressions and sharing Montreal memories as he had visited this buzzing city.".

Artist Bio

DMWJ: Dontmesswithjuan is the project of a girl who likes to stay in the shadows. From Montreal, 360° artist, she is unfolding into her own genre called Surrealist Electronica, where her philosophical questions, haunting voice, dark textures, glitchy sound effects, and surrealist videos collide to create a cinematic world outside of human reality.

Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Dontmesswithjuan, the last single Young Lady from her album Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness was be released on May 28, 2021 followed by accompanying surrealist video and short story. Sometimes in life, we need to eliminate a version of ourselves, that we might have been very attached to, in order to move forward, to stop a pattern. To stop repeating the same behaviours, the same choices. We need to let go of a part of ourselves, of our frustrations, of our past.

Her latest album single Mutant Fur was released on April 23, 2021 with an accompanying surrealist video and short story. It explores the capacity of adaptation, from an absolute point of view, as being a key feature for survival of species. Everything is in constant change and expansion and we can be a part of it.

Dontmesswithjuan and her record label SONO Music Group recently released her first debut album Juan & the Pursuit of Happiness in 8 singles. Now they are releasing collaborations and remixes until the next album.

Nomad Hills: Composing music in order to ease my feelings.

Trying to share emotions with the world, make you travel without words. A subtle mixture of hip hop, trip hop and downtempo. Possibly headed towards electronica.

Currently releasing singles, a new EP is on the way!

Discover Dontmesswithjuan on SONO Music Group website: https://sonomusic.co/artist/dontmesswithjuan


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August 26, 2021 2:15pm ET by SONO Music Group  

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