SONO announces ‘see you at the border’ the new EP by Vic Brando

Vic Brando takes you on a short journey about finding ones place in life in his new EP ‘see you at the border’. With a grounded, yet forward thinking sound and very metaphorical lyrics this EP will give you a visual film inside your head alongside the fresh vibe.


SONO Music Group

Wendlingen, Baden Württemberg – 22/04/2022

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A year ago Vic Brando released three songs, with no real objective in mind. Somehow those songs still had a general theme to them: the journey of finding himself. He decided to finish off this first chapter by re-recording those songs and adding a finale called ‘see you at the border’ to add up into an EP that strings you along for a metaphorical trip about life.

The story of the EP goes like this:
After having ‘Enough’ of his situation, he decides to leave the place that has kept him trapped. So he hops in a car in ‘Headlights’ and has an existential bout about life itself. Along the way he comes across a Motel in ‘Motel Room’ and decides to burn it down, because it represents most of his old values he doesn’t want to have anymore. Finally, he arrives at the border in ‘see you at the border’, but he is unsure whether or not he wants to leave. The border stands for the one between life and death. He choses life, because he feels the need to stay for someone.

Vic Brando commented: “I always felt like my first three tracks that I released didn’t go anywhere. A year later I was finally able to close off this chapter with a final song and a good dose of hindsight. I’ve definitely grown a bit along the journey and I’m glad I could redo those old tracks, as my music has really improved in quality as well. Even though I have some attachment and love/hate relationship with each song, I want to move onto making other exciting and more grande projects very soon. “.

Artist Bio

Vic Brando, a genre defying solo artist and producer based in Germany, always finds ways to subvert expectations of established genres. By blending multiple styles within each song, he marries familiar elements with fresh ideas into his own alternative pop sound. On the lyrical side, he shares his deeply introspective thoughts about complex feelings, relationships and being an outcast by painting relatable metaphors.

Being born in a small village in Kazakhstan and moving to Germany as a young kid has made him feel out of place anywhere he went. Torn between different cultures and being rather introverted, he longed for ways to express himself – which he finally found through music at the somewhat late age of 18, after buying his first guitar.

Multiple other instruments, singing and even audio engineering followed this first desire of teaching himself anything he needed to connect with others through music. He takes pride in doing every part of the process himself, as it grants him all the creative power.

Vic Brando uses his upcoming to an advantage, as it enables him to be versatile and independent of any strict rules. This philosophy of freedom is why he is drawn towards his main influences Gorillaz, OutKast and Tyler, The Creator. Other acts that shape his sound on a surface level are Dominic Fike, Billie Eilish, Duckwrth and Kevin Abstract.


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April 7, 2022 11:30am ET by SONO Music Group  

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