Jean-Michel Jarre releases “EQUINOXE INFINITY” Remix EP with mixes by Tale Of Us, Jonas Rathsman and Perturbator


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Digital out on Sony Music today:
12” Record Store Day exclusive out 13.04.2019

1. IF THE WIND COULD SPEAK – movement 5 (Tale Of Us Remix)
2. DON’T LOOK BACK – movement 9 (Jonas Rathsman Remix)
3. ALL THAT YOU LEAVE BEHIND – movement 4 (Perturbator Remix)

After the triumphant release of EQUINOXE INFINITY—the 40-year sequel to his legendary 1978 album EQUINOXE—JEAN-MICHEL JARRE returns with a 12-inch that sharpens three highlights of the album into deadly club tools. EQUINOXE INFINITY out last November blended classical sounds with JARRE´S signature synth melodies, which makes him a perfect match for TALE OF US, a world-conquering techno act. The Italian duo take on IF THE WIND COULD SPEAK, turning from a minute-and-a-half long interlude into a dance floor anthem with symphonic swells and unforgettable melodies. Already earning support from DJs like Adriatique, Richie Hawtin and Carl Craig, the TALE OF US remix is set to become one of the biggest dance floor hits of the year.

Swedish house artist JONAS RATHSMAN steps in for a restrained and spacious remix of DON’T LOOK BACK that highlights the tension and mood of Jarre's composition, folding its drama into well-timed chord stabs and the kind of careful pacing that makes it a good for opening sets, a breather during peak-time or a spectacular set-ender, especially with its intense breakdowns. French synth artist and former black metal musician PERTURBATOR delivers a hefty remix of ALL THAT YOU LEAVE BEHIND, rubbing JARRE´S textures raw for a tougher, grittier and punkier version of JARRE´S original. The remix EP has something for every dance floor—showing that JARRE´S music can connect with almost any generation, on almost any level.

The Remix EP is available today for streaming and download. The limited to 1300 units 12” is a RECORD STORE DAY exclusive, out tomorrow April 13th.

Musical progressivism seldom sounded so pop-historically ground-breaking as in 1976, when French composer, performer, songwriter, soundscaper and producer Jean-Michel Jarre launched his landmark-debut “Oxygene”. The record has sold over 18 million copies worldwide to date and laid the foundations for the artist's exceptional career. Jarre conceived music in terms of sounds, and not just in terms of notes, allowing the composer to become his own craftsman. His pioneering work gave birth to a veritable cult and the fastest-growing trend the music industry has ever stood to witness: the rise of electronic music.

Over the years Jarre massively changed the live performance scene by creating & staging gigantic, hi-tech live out-door performances that broke one audience record after the other, 3.5 Million in Moscow remains unbeaten to this date.

Today, almost five decades after completely changing our perception of electronic music with over 80 million records sold, the “Godfather of Electronic Music” was nominated for a Grammy for his project “Electronica 1: The Time Machine” for which he reached out to over thirty artists that influenced Electronic Music & Technology in one way or the other. In 2018 at his Coachella Festival debut Entertainment Today wrote: “Jarre, no stranger to extravagant live productions, was right at home at Coachella. This Frenchman was doing EDM before they even named the genre.”

Only last year Jarre released a Best Of album titled “Planet Jarre – 50 Years Of Music” and a brand new studio album “Equinoxe Infinity” linked to the concept of Artificial Intelligence & the ecological future of our planet.

Jarre is president of CISAC and a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

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