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Sophie Ellis-Bextor on performing: 'It feels like dating because you wonder how people will react'

Songstress Sophie Ellis-Bextor has likened performing to dating because she gets the same kind of butterflies stepping out in front of a crowd that she does when she's being wined and dined by someone she's interested in. 

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, the beauty explained that she no longer suffers from stage fright thanks to her successful run on 'Strictly Come Dancing', but she definitely gets nervous before performing:

"I don't get nervous, especially since doing 'Strictly Come Dancing', nothing could be scarier. But it does feel a bit like dating because you always wonder how they will react. Before I go on stage, I'm usually just thinking of things to say. I do tend to think of topics of conversation before I go on stage to talk about with the audience which are interesting, because otherwise I just ramble on."

Back in January, Bextor told her fans on Facebook that she has started writing new music and wrote: "Happy happy happy we've started the album and written the first song and I love it."


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