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Sophie Ellis-Bextor's son told her not to fail on Strictly Come Dancing

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's eldest son, Sonny, told her that she would have his blessing to take part in Strictly Come Dancing on one condition - that she wouldn't embarrass him, she said:

"He said I could do it as long as I didn’t fail. Failing meant leaving first and happily I have got past that crucial moment. I’m so glad I didn’t embarrass him."

"My girlfriends are doolally for it but I had to check that it was OK with my husband, with our kids and with my family because I knew that I would need so many people’s support to allow me to indulge myself in this way."

Speaking to The Mirror, the singer-songwriter also spoke of her new album 'Wanderlust': 

"'It’s not pop, it’s not dance. I made it with a live band and it’s got elements of folk, and rock and lots of ballads. I just needed to do it."

Strictly Come Dancing will be on BBC1 this evening (November 9) at 18.30 hours (GMT). The competition is now in its 8th week. 




Watch Sophie Ellis-Bextor dance the charlston on Strictly Come Dancing below: