THE THERMALS return with new album 'We Disappear', out March 25th on Saddle Creek

Hear 'Hey You' now!

Portland's premier post-pop-punk trio burst back onto the scene with a galloping anthem depicting a paranoid fantasy of fleeing from the Grim Reaper




Portland, OR’s The Thermals are confirmed to release their seventh full-length album, We Disappear, on March 25, 2016 via Saddle Creek. The trio – Hutch Harris, Kathy Foster, and Westin Glass – debuted new song “Hey You,” today; a galloping anthem depicting a paranoid fantasy of fleeing from the Grim Reaper as he calls after you.
Listen to “Hey You” on YouTube
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A pre-order of multiple formats of We Disappear – including a run of clear vinyl limited to only 400 copies – is now available via the Saddle Creek webstore. The album will be available for pre-order via iTunes tomorrow, January 7th, and will include “Hey You” as an instant grat download with purchase.
Produced by Chris Walla (formerly of Death Cab For Cutie), with whom the band has worked frequently, We Disappear was recorded in Portland at Kung Fu Bakery (The Shins, Tegan and Sara) and in Seattle, WA at The Hall of Justice (Nirvana, Mudhoney). The album – which will arrive ahead of the 10thanniversary of their acclaimed third LP The Body, The Blood, The Machine – is an authentic, dark, and deeply personal album couched in The Thermals’ trademark catchy and boundless pop/rock. The band examines technology, love, and death throughout: how separation in humanity can come through any of these avenues; how people try to outrun the demise of lives and relationships; how technology can isolate us and impact our relationships even as we completely – and willingly – assimilate ourselves into it (or go “Into The Code,” as the opening track suggests); and how we’ve begun to forego privacy for a feeling of immortality in order to not be ignored or forgotten.
Harris explains, “Technology, love and death are the three obsessions of the record. Our privacy used to be so important to us and now everything has changed - we freely offer once private information about relationships and reveal everything about our day-to-day lives. We’re trying to preserve our life digitally so when we’re gone people won’t forget us. We’re using technology to become immortal. You can even set up Facebook and Twitter accounts to continue updating after you die! We Disappear is about how humans fight the inevitable.”
Harris’s heartfelt lyrics – which draw heavily from his own recent experiences in contrast to his earlier, mostly fictitious tales – are both complimented and contrasted by the music. We Disappear is a walk through modern life and love, and despite its dark themes, The Thermals here deliver one of their most spirited, anthemic, and rousing releases to date.

European live dates are in the pipeline for later this year.
We Disappear track listing:

  1. Into The Code
  2. My Heart Went Cold
  3. Hey You
  4. If We Don’t Die Today
  5. The Great Dying
  6. In Every Way
  7. The Walls
  8. Thinking Of You
  9. Always Never Be
  10. Years In A Day 

We Disappear artwork:


The Thermals tour dates:
6 Boise, Id - El Korah Shrine
19 Bend, Or - Crow’s Feet Commons
25 San Francisco, Ca - Noise Pop Festival
www.saddle-creek.comFor more information please contact / t. +44 7812 607 230

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