SKATING POLLY announce Sept UK tour! New album out this Friday! New video online now

The ugly-pop trio unleash "The Make It All Show" this Fri and will return to Europe later this Summer.


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With their new album ‘The Make It All Show’ set for release this Friday May 11th (May 4th in North America) via El Camino Media, Skating Polly have announced a September European tour.

Along with the dates, they’ve dropped yet another dose of their self-proclaimed "ugly pop" from ‘The Make It All Show’ with accompanying visuals. “Little Girl Blue and the Battle Envy” belies its saccharine start, building to an explosive, cathartic crescendo.

“On the surface it’s about a soldier who would rather live with the shame of leaving her post or even a life sentence, than deal with all the pressure and commands that come with the “glory”” explains Kelli Mayo. “I guess on a more personal level it came from a place of feeling like no one was letting me make choices for myself and I was just being yanked into a billion different directions based on what they thought I should be."

Watch/hear “Little Girl Blue and the Battle Envy” below:

There's a difficult to describe, yet timeless quality to certain songs that transcend genre or era. It's something that you can't fake or contrive and it's what lies at the core of Skating Polly's music. Admittedly the female-driven alternative acts that inspired the band such as Veruca Salt, X, The Breeders, L7 and Babes In Toyland (the latter of whom Skating Polly toured with in Europe) aren't typical reference points for most of today's up-and-coming bands, but maybe they should be. “The thing that we identify with in a lot of those bands is that they can be really aggressive and loud while also being super melodic,” Kelli explains, adding that the new dynamic in the band helped them to be more expansive when it came to their arrangements: “Everything happened very smoothly when Kurtis became part of the band. It just felt natural having him there and writing with him.”

The threesome tracked their forthcoming fifth studio record this past Winter at Seagrass Studio in Los Angeles with producer Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair) who also helmed last year’s ‘New Trick EP’ (feat. Louise Post and Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt). With ages ranging between 17 and 21, Skating Polly continue to produce music well beyond their quantifiable years and ‘The Make It All Show’ is their most fully realized work yet, hinting at an even brighter future for one of rock’s most promising acts.

Skating Polly European live dates:
6th Sept - Vera, GRONINGEN (NL)
7th Sept - Extra Blues Bar, BIELEFELD (DE)
9th Sept - Paard, DEN HAAG (NL)
10th Sept - Sebright Arms, LONDON (UK)
11th Sept - Le Pub, NEWPORT (UK)
13th Sept - The Thunderbolt, BRISTOL (UK)
14th Sept - Firebug, LEICESTER (UK)
15th Sept - Broadcast, GLASGOW (UK)
16th Sept - Hare and Hounds, BIRMINGHAM (UK)
17th Sept - Yardbirds Rock Club, GRIMSBY (UK)
18th Sept - L’Olympic Cafe, PARIS (FR)
19th Sept - Blue Devils, ORLEANS (FR)
20th Sept - le Brin de Zinc, CHAMBERY (FR)
22nd Sept - Vortex Surfer Musikclub, SIEGEN (DE)

'The Make It All Show' track list:
01. Classless Act
02. Little Girl Blue and the Battle Envy (YouTube)
03. Free Will At Ease
04. Queen For A Day (YouTube)
05. They’re Cheap (I’m Free)
06. Long Ride
07. Camelot (Soundcloud)
08. Hollywood Factory
09. This Vacation
10. Flatwound Strings
11. Don’t Leave Me Gravity

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