Mumbai-based producer to release EP '11:11' via !K7 on Sept 6th ahead of London show on Sept 12th

Hear title track now


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- Mumbai-based producer signs to !K7
- New EP '11:11' out Sept 6th
- Hear title track "Eleven:Eleven ft LANDSLANDS" now
- London show at The Pickle Factory on Sept 12th

Sandunes – the musical output of Mumbai-based producer Sanaya Aredeshir – has today announced the release of her new EP ‘11:11’ for September 6th via !K7.

The EP release coincides with a headline show at London’s Pickle Factory on September 12th, and today she previews it with the EP’s title track, "Eleven Eleven ft. LANDSLANDS".

The meditative, devotional soundscapes Sandunes offers up on the ‘11:11 EP’ take us on a spontaneous trip, “My fascination here isn't about the numbers itself, as much as it is about these repetitive occurrences that we’re happy to call coincidences. When I was thinking about what I should name the song, my eyes fell on the time, and it was 11:11” Sanaya explains.

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She is an artist fascinated with textures - of spiritual lines, astronomical ones, and of course, her sound which too is a textured canvas. Her current work merges classical and delicate bassy, hip hop instrumentals.

The ‘11:11 EP’ was written and produced through a number of transitional moments in Sanaya’s life and recorded between Mumbai, London and Berlin. Taking about it she says, “Once the scratches of this material came together, and we’d decided to record a bunch of drums on all of the tunes - the whole feel of this batch of music wanted to be half-way between an organic world and a synthesised/metronomical/digital world.”

The work connects threads between Philip Glass, Andrew Ashong and Anoushka Shankar. That she cites the experimental folk electronic music of Sudan Archives and cinematic jazz soundscapes of Jordan Rakei as inspirations, too, is no surprise. Her work is an homage to what she calls the “diverse spiritualists” that surround her.

Sandunes already has a long list of collaborators including; Anchorsong, Bonobo, Richard Spaven and Jordan Rakei, and her work also continually highlights the talented artists working in the Mumbai electronic music community. For Sanaya, passing the blessing on, inspired by her formative experiences in Pune is crucial to the work and she is a member of DASTA - a community collective of six beatmakers at the forefront of India’s electronic music scene, and runs courses for young producers and artists committed to exposing, promoting and exporting the music. '11:11 EP’ features vocals from fellow Mumbai residents Landslands.

In 2017, Sanaya worked with the Barbican as part of their Different Trains 1947 project, a collaborative response by artists including Actress and Darkstar responding to the 70th anniversary of the declaration of India’s independence.

The next few months sees her at Lisbon’s Nova Batida, headlining a show in East London at The Pickle Factory (info) and an upcoming South East Asia tour, continuing to stretch her sonic soundscapes across geographical plains. Although the wide-ranging locations and inspirational points have imprinted differing images on the patina of ’11:11’, Sandunes’ point of view is distinct - Indian, powerfully feminine and all with a central purpose - to make you dance.

'11:11' will be released on September 6th via !K7, pre-order it here.

Sandunes live dates:
Sept 12 - London, UK - The Pickle Factory (tickets)

'11:11' track list:
1. Eleven:Eleven ft LANDSLANDS
2. Shift
3. Glock
4. 11:11 (instrumental)
5. Ever Bridge

For more information please contact: / t. +44 7812 607 230

August 28, 2019 9:09am ET by Stereo Sanctity  

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