THE KEEP shares new single "Gammalane". Debut EP 'Primer' out this week (Dec 6th) via Houndstooth

London show announced.


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- Shares new single "Gammalane"
- Debut EP 'Primer' out Dec 6th via Houndstooth
- London show announced

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With his debut EP 'Primer' set for release this week (Dec 6th) via Houndstooth, The Keep is sharing new single "Gammalane" online now.

Speaking about the track, Oliver Knowles, aka The Keep said "'Gammalane' is split into two parts. Part one of the track is meant to reflect a scenario that is both unsettling and beguiling at the same time. Being drawn to something that feels wrong or dangerous. Part 2 is ultimately the surrender and exhilaration that follows."

Listen to "Gammalane" here:

Primer is a collection of drones, noise and rhythms influenced by the vibrancy and excitement of Spanish and Catalonian street festivals that take place in Barcelona each year, where the record was written.

As well as the location, Knowles also marks other inspirations as films and literature saying "With this EP, the tone of films like Under the Skin and Annihilation, and reading The Southern Reach Trilogy that Annihilation was adapted from was very influential." Although the tracks on the EP are instrumental, they were created by Knowles as a means to express intense personal feelings of anxiety or sadness. He used the four tracks on Primer to manifest these ideas in a positive way, allowing a sort of personal catharsis.

Born in Singapore, Knowles then lived in Indonesia until he was 6 and pays heritage to his Indonesian heritage on this EP by using samples of traditional Indonesian instruments, including a small Indonesian hand drum that his mother gave him years ago.

See The Keep live:
12th Feb - Paper Dress Vintage, LONDON

Primer track list:

  1. Tinto
  2. Fatberg
  3. Cub (stream)
  4. Gammalane (stream)
  5. Barry Manny Drone (stream)

For more information please contact: / t. +44 7921 176502.

December 11, 2019 6:08am ET by Stereo Sanctity  

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