Penelope Trappes shares a haunting cover of Nico's "Afraid"

'Eel Drip EP', out Oct 23 on Houndstooth


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Today London-based, Australian-born vocalist, musician and ethereal soundscaper Penelope Trappes has shared a second track from her new EP 'Eel Drip', which is set for release digital and on 12" solid white vinyl on October 23rd through Houndstooth.

Following the striking video accompanying the EP's title track, "Eel Drip", today Trappes has shared a delicate, other-worldly cover of Nico's 1970 song "Afraid."

"Nico's solo work addresses the more independent and mature aspects of her artistry that were suppressed during her years at TVU" Trappes comments. "‘Afraid’ feels like a lullaby to herself and to her child for Self love, Self expression and Fearlessness. In an era where anxiety is so prevalent this message resonates deeply with me."

"Having raised my daughter during these difficult years, these are words I know I could sing to myself and to her, to encourage her/me to challenge the new world with bravery and to not be led astray by others, all the while trusting in our feminine intuition."

Penelope Trappes spent 2016 writing and recording what would become her first solo album, ‘Penelope One’ in a piano studio in East London. Composed of mostly percussion-less, reverb-heavy haunting atmospherics with dystopian themes, the LP was released via Optimo Music in 2017 on vinyl and as a photo book. The first single ‘Puppets’ premiered by opening the Fendi SS17 runway show.

Penelope signed to Houndstooth in 2018 and released her sophomore LP ‘Penelope Two’ to critical acclaim. The minimalist, ethereal album was built around field recordings, meditations, guitars, synth drones, piano and reverb, and deals with mortality, predestination and empathy. 2019 saw the release of ‘Penelope Redeux’ consisting of reworks of songs from ‘Penelope Two’ by Cosey Fanni Tutti, Mogwai, Félicia Atkinson, Nik Colk Void and more.

‘Eel Drip EP’ opens the next chapter in her career and is the first element to a truly intimate body of work. Recorded at her home studio in Peckham, London, it sees her confronting personal loss and the cycles of life with startling honesty – “giving myself permission to let go” she says. “Let go of control and surrender on a deeper level.”

“My personal journey has been mirrored in that of my daughter’s - the healing - the self love, and thus the growth” she continues. “Acknowledging that life cycles through birth and death, within our bodies and minds. Finding fearlessness and peace within the darkness. freedom from self-doubt and anxiety.”

Penelope Trappes will release ‘Eel Drip’ EP on October 23 on Houndstooth.

October 16, 2020 10:04am ET by Stereo Sanctity  

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