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Susan Boyle takes acting lessons ahead of biopic cameo

Susan Boyle has been given acting lessons ahead of a guest appearance in a biopic about her life.

The singer told the Mirror that she teamed up with coach Bernard Hiller at the start of the summer to learn the ropes.

The Scot said: "In June I went to a course run by a fantastic man called Bernard Hiller. He was brilliant. It was a masterclass in acting that was based in London for four days.

''He's worked with some of the best people in Hollywood and he taught us how to resolve performance nerves and self discovery as well as inside-outside acting and how to be public with private emotions. It was brilliant and it's really helped with my performance on stage as well.'"

She added: "I think it would be fun to have me in the various crowd scenes - almost like a Where's Wally? See how many times you can spot the real Susan in the film! In all seriousness, I'm very excited about this project. The script is great and the team behind it are brilliant."

In 2013, Boyle suggested that Meryl Streep would play her in a film that would chart the rise of the singer from unknown amateur to Britain's Got Talent superstar.

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