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Susan Boyle: "Baby steps, but I am getting better"

Singer Susan Boyle has revealed that she knows herself now and how she processes things so feels as though she is "getting better". 

She told The Telegraph that her responses to challenging situations in the past were "not good", but she is learning: "I always struggled to make myself understood. I still go mad a bit, shout and scream. Not good, not good! But at least now I know why. Baby steps, baby steps, but I am getting better."

She also spoke briefly about the impact of fame and how it has impacted her family dynamic, adding: "Fame can lead to a lot of conflict and misunderstanding. I didn't realise it would have such an impact on my family and we have all had to try to learn to cope."

Susan Boyle added: "I have a close and caring family. Perhaps I have said a couple of things I should not have said, but all families have tiffs."

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