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Susan Boyle hits back at Gervais' offensive 'mong' comment

Susan Boyle has addressed the derogatory comments made about her by comedian Ricky Gervais during his 'Science' stand up show recently. 

During his tour, he referred to the classical songstress as a "mong" and Boyle has now insisted "he is the one with the problem, not me". 

Speaking to Britain's The Sun newspaper, she explained that he has tarnished his own reputation by using the offensive term and she isn't taking it personally because she thinks he has simply "wasted himself':

"I can take whatever Ricky says, because I'll tell you something - he's the one with the problem, not me. Ricky's a talented man but he's wasted himself with those comments. I think people who liked him are not so keen now."

"I've had a lot of insults. Do you know what I do? I ignore them. I just get on with my life. Those who have something to say usually have nothing to do."




Watch Boyle's studio based video for 'Autumn Leaves' below: