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"Too much talent" in Take That

Newly reformed boy band Take That were just getting used to their dynamic as a four piece when former member Robbie Williams rejoined and now there's "too much talent" in the group.

In an interview with The Sun, singer-songwriter Gary Barlow explained that things are different now the 'Angels' hitmaker is back in the picture:

"The band is different with Robbie. We work in a different way. What we have now is too much talent in the room."

He spoke about the members' respective roles in the group and admitted there are often three of them doing the exact same job:

"When Take That are a four, Mark (Owen) and myself are the leading songwriters. Jay (Jason Orange) joins in on the lyrics and Howard (Donald) starts with the melodies."

"Now you add Robbie and he and Mark are doing the same job - and I can do what they do too. You have three people writing. It's a jigsaw."

The future of Take That in their original line up is uncertain after Barlow recently said he sees their future "as a four-piece band", but their relationship as friends and band mates always appears solid. 

Watch footage of Williams rejoining the popular group here: