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Mark Owen talks Robbie Williams’ involvement in next Take That album

Take That singer Mark Owen has confirmed that Robbie Willams will be contributing to at least the writing of the next Take That record.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Owen discussed his latest solo album ‘The Art of Doing Nothing’ and how having a period working alone has set him up to return to work with Take That.

“I think if we go in as a band in the next few months or next year,” said Owen, “it’s good for me personally to have got this out, to come back in and start again.

“Gaz (Gary Barlow) and Rob (Robbie Williams) did some writing. I saw Gaz at the weekend, saw Jay (Jason Orange) and Howard (Donald) last week,” he said.

"There’s plans to go back in and do another record. So that’s all great. But everybody wanted a bit of time because it was a big thing getting Rob back in the band and doing that [album and tour] with him.”

Gary Barlow recently opened up about plans for the band, saying that he envisions the next Take That album being released at the end of this year.





Check out Mark Owen’s solo single ‘Stars’ below: