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Taylor Swift unveils third clue

Earlier this week, country-pop sensation Taylor Swift delighted fans around the globe by sharing her 'first clue', which led people to believe she might be about to unveil new music or make an album-related announcement. 

Today (August 7), the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' superstar has shared the third clue and it's simply a screenshot of the U.S. Yahoo! landing page, which can be seen on the left.

Her second clue was a screenshot of her iPhone's homescreen, which displays the time as being 5 o'clock. Also seen in the picture is Swift's new kitten, Olivia Benson, a polariod camera and a beautifully illustrated card that reads, "to beautiful friends in a beautiful home". 

The first, which was in video format, showed Swift punching the button for the 18th floor in an unknown building. So far, speculation suggests that she will make some kind of announcement on August 18 at 5pm or will unveil new material, although people seem to be confused as to what Yahoo! might have to do with it. 

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Watch Swift's first clue below: