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Taylor Swift praises Sam Smith: 'He has always been a babe'

'Style' sensation Taylor Swift has revealed that she thinks fellow singer-songwriter Sam Smith is a total 'babe' and loves his eyes. 

Speaking to Extra recently, the beauty admitted that even before the 'Stay With Me' hitmaker started getting fit he was incredibly attractive and there's something about him that just really draws you in:

"He's always been a babe. He's getting fitter, he looks great, but I always thought that Sam looked great, I don't really care how much he is working out or whatever, I think it's those eyes."

Swift, meanwhile, is due to kick off her extensive '1989' world tour on May 5 with a concert in Japan and she confessed that there are some surprises planned for the jaunt: "I've started picking up the phone, I started sending out the emails, and the interesting thing is when you're asking people to come and play for free, that's something you have to ask them yourself, you can't have your management go do it..."

"So I end up assuming the role of booking agent essentially when I'm on tour and just being like so, can we check her schedule, the routing, and she may be able to make it to in between that date and that date... 'Hey its Taylor, will you please come out, it's going to be a stadium show, it's going to be incredible, the crowd will love it.'"

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