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Taylor Swift on her greatest downfall: 'I need to work on that'

Superstar Taylor Swift has revealed that she is great at over-thinking things and making herself more stressed than she needs to be. 

Swift told Vogue Australia that one of her biggest flaws is being so hard on herself and she's being very mindful of it so that she can try to move away from it when she notices this behaviour creeping up on her:

“I always have to work on being easier on myself because I over-think things... like when something doesn’t work out you think it’s my fault, or that I shouldn’t have done this or shouldn’t have done that. Over-thinking is my greatest adversary. Some days you’re exhausted and some days you’re in a bad mood and that’s OK."

“I’ve been a little bit better lately at taking it easier on myself and realising when I’m having a really low self-esteem day that’s because of how I’m wired not because everybody hates me. Sometimes you have the best intentions but you make mistakes.”

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