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Sunday, July 31, 2016 4:24am ET by  

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Taylor Swift gives 'the best music advice'

Country singer Thomas Rhett has revealed that he and Taylor Swift grew up in the same town and every time their paths cross now, she gives him great support and advice on the industry

The musician told BANG Showbiz that Swift is very insightful and her comments have helped him to navigate his own career:

"Me and Taylor actually grew up in the same town and knew a lot of the same people so when I first met Taylor so we sort of had that in common. And you know, every time me and my wife have been around Taylor she has been nothing but encouraging and given me honestly the best music advice you could ask for."

Rhett added that the one thing she is particularly good at is encouraging people to be their own cheerleader:

"She just is always so positive about being your own person and obviously her music portrays that. Being your own person, not being afraid to put out music that is different."

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