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Taylor Swift aims to 'shape memories' with her perfume Wonderstruck

Taylor Swift launched her own perfume, Wonderstruck, on October 13 in New York City. 

The 'Love Story' sweetheart appeared at Macy's in Manhattan yesterday and was excited to unveil the fragrance, which she described as being good enough to "wear everyday". Speaking at the launch party, Swift said:

"This fragrance is really for people of all ages and I've had to talk some of my guy friends out of wearing it. I wanted it to be a fragrance that I honestly wanted to wear every day. That's kind of the rule of thumb: Is it good enough? ... Would I want to wear it all the time and give it as presents to my friends? And that ended up happening."

She added that it was important to her for the scent to be able to mimic the way that music and memories are synonymous:

"I think that fragrance has a lot to do with shaping people's memories in the way that music does... If you hear a song for the first time when you are in love with someone and then you break up and you hear the song again a couple years later, it's gonna make you think right back to that moment when you first heard the song,"

"If your boyfriend wears a certain kind of cologne and then you smell it on the street, it's going to immediately make you think of that."

Watch the official commercial for her fragrance below: