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Taylor Swift credits her success to writing about love

Taylor Swift has opened up about how she writes music and has credited her phenomenal success to the universal theme of love she often uses in her songs. 

The superstar, who won 3 prizes at last weekend's American Music Awards, has explained that penning tracks about matters of the heart means she can speak to people all over the world because everyone has love in common:

"Writing my own songs was a way for me to create what I wanted to create and music about my life. In that way it kind of became a diary put to music every time I put out a new record."

"I break down emotions into like 50 million categories. There's the missing him kind of sadness. There's the frustrated and confused, don't know why it ended kind of sadness, there's the sadness tinged with anger."

Watch her interview at the 2011 AMAs, along with the official trailer for her live DVD, here: