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Taylor Swift on career dreams outside of music: 'I'd be a detective or designer'

'I Knew You Were Trouble' superstar Taylor Swift has revealed that while she loves being a recording artist, there are other career paths she would consider if she fancied a change.

Now! magazine has quoted the beauty as revealing that being a detective is something that has always interested her and she always watches crime based television shows when she has spare time:

"I'd be an interior designer or a detective - but I don't think I'd be a good detective. I just watch all of those crime shows. Anything that has a slight premise of being a crime show, I'm on it."

"I have so many boxsets - I'm into 'Criminal Minds' at the moment, and 'Law And Order', and 'CSI'. I've never seen 'The Wire' but I'll get into that next."

Despite her dreams of becoming a spy, Swift added that being a country-pop sensation is very fulfilling and she has no plans to call it quits just yet:

"I think it's hard the first couple of years. But once you get into the groove you kind of just get used to it. In fact, you get a little restless when you're in a place for more than two days. You start thinking, 'When am I supposed to board a plane?' and 'When am I supposed to pack my stuff?'"

Watch Swift's video for 'Everything Has Changed' below: