Zachery Allan Starkey (ft. Bernard Sumner/New Order) Shares "XXX" Via MXDWN

'FEAR CITY' LP Out Early 2020

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"Dark techno artist Zachery Allan Starkey is a staple of the Bushwick, NYC electronic scene, creating vibrant and adventurous dance music with synthesizers and drum machines."

Zachery Allan Starkey has released "XXX", the second single and video off of his forthcoming album, FEAR CITY. Composed, performed, and produced by Starkey, "XXX " is a symphonic Techno odyssey that plunges the listener deep into the pure hedonistic ecstasy of New York City nightlife, taking them on a sensual journey from the heart of the dance floor to the pleasure and climax that only the neon lit city of night can offer.

Using analogue synthesizers and intricate arrangements, Starkey creates a throbbing, pulsing arpeggiated Techno bass line, then adds soaring lead melodies and pounding drums and percussion (inspired by the sound of the New York subway system), creating a a dynamic club track that brings to mind the best work of electronic pioneers Giorgio Moroder and Patrick Cowley, whilst pushing the track firmly into the future.

Starkey says: "XXX is my musical synthesis of a journey I have made literally hundreds of times, finding escape and release from the struggles of daily life on the dance floor. It's a song for both my journey and the journey I've seen many others make in the safety offered by nightlife spaces. XXX is about celebrating sex, pleasure, and freedom. Musically, XXX is my attempt to marry my love of both Techno and symphonic music".

Starkey's previous FEAR CITY single, the acclaimed "NO SECURITY", is about the political and economic chaos and fear that is consuming the world in 2020. With "XXX", Starkey shows marginalized, disadvantaged, depressed, overworked, and economically struggling people escaping the present dystopian nightmare to find freedom, expression, and pleasure on the dance floor. The "XXX" of the title is not only a reference to sex and recreational drugs, it is also signifying the excitement of the unknown.

Following "NO SECURITY", "XXX" only continues to heighten anticipation for FEAR CITY, and continues the primacy of Starkey’s place as a long time staple of the influential Techno scene in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Zachery Allan Starkey’s new album is entitled FEAR CITY and is set to be released in early 2020. FEAR CITY is about decadent New York City nightlife, drugs, sex, darkness, class inequality and the opiate epidemic. It uses hedonism to escape the current, widespread political/economic fears, uncertainties and anxiety caused by the rise of right wing politics around the world. While culling influences from New York's deep well of dance music history, FEAR CITY is a product of the current times.

Taking the title from a 1970’s nickname for New York City, Starkey’s FEAR CITY is an album firmly about the present and looking towards an increasingly dystopian future. The depth of Starkey’s vision and songwriting for this project has resulted in new musical contributions from Bernard Sumner, the leader of pioneering electronic band New Order, and founding member of Joy Division. Inspired by Starkey's songwriting, Sumner provides synthesizers, guitars, drum programming, and additional production on two key Starkey songs, the anthemic club track "Force", and the darkly powerful title track, "Fear City". Both are set to be released as singles in early 2020. Starkey opened for New Order on their sold out Music Complete tour.

"XXX" is accompanied by a music video created by director directed by William Murray and Zachery Allan Starkey, filmed in the seedy sex districts of Manhattan and late night Brooklyn, and will feature custom analog glitch visuals created by Kristen Felicetti and Nicole Cabalquinto, respectively. The video also features a cameo by revered Brooklyn House and Techno producer Lauren Flax, as well as Starkey's live musicians, Laura Holden and Ruby Wang. The artwork is designed by Inodoro TM.

"XXX" is released by new Brooklyn based label DEATH TRIP NYC. Starkey also recorded FEAR CITY entirely in Brooklyn, working with noted engineer Abe Seiferth (LCD Soundsystem, Ornette Coleman, Yeasayer).

01. City Overture
02. XXX
03. No Security
04. Force (ft. Bernard Sumner)
05. Fallout
06. “Bright Future”
07. Coked Up Biker Anthem
08. NeoLiberal
09. Opiate
10. Fear City (ft. Bernard Sumner)
11. Love Does Not Win
12. Empire
13. Black Rain
14. Exit

Zachery Allan Starkey is a New York City based Composer/Musician/Producer who uses analogue synthesizers and electronics to craft dark, melodic, and heavily emotional dance floor journeys. Starkey garners the influences of Techno, Electro, House, Post-Punk, Italo Disco, SynthPunk, and HI-NRG, pulling elements from this spectrum to create his own unique sound of self-expression. He has released his music both as Zachery Allan Starkey and as ZGRT.

Starkey is currently readying the release of his new solo album, FEAR CITY. Composed, performed, produced and arranged entirely by Starkey himself, FEAR CITY also sees Starkey collaborating with one of the pioneers of electronic music: Bernard Sumner of New Order / Joy Division, who provides synthesizers, guitars, drum programming, and additional production on two key tracks. FEAR CITY is set for release in early 2020.

Starkey’s 2017 release, the critically acclaimed HARD POWER album, saw him opening for the legendary New Order on their Music Complete Tour, which included spectacular sold out shows at Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall. Starkey produced the lead ZGRT single "HARD POWER" with Gavilán Rayna Russom, the groundbreaking synthesist of LCD Soundsystem and Black Meteoric Star.

Some of Starkey’s previous accomplishments include the ZGRT single "CONNECTION”, an uplifting, House inspired ode to finding solace in solitude that received a glowing review in PASTE Magazine. Next came release of the third ZGRT single, via Post-Punk Online, the dark, dirty throbbing HI-NRG meets Synthwave powered "BLACK ANGEL", which was followed by the 4th ZGRT single, industrial inspired "GAME OVER”.

In 2016, Starkey released the sleazy Deep House anthem COME INSIDE EP on the Italo/Deep House imprint Three Hands Records. Starkey’s music career in New York began in 2013 with the release of his heartbreaking dance single, "Into the Sun," which became a club favorite from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. His follow up 2013 singles, "We’re All Fucked!" and "Rats," saw Starkey accurately predicted the current global political situation. The singles were followed by the release of the buzz creating full length album, DIY.

On the DJ front, working with influential New York producers Lauren Flax and Gavilán Rayna Russom, Starkey co-founded and produced C//TY CLUB, one of NYC's most respected and eclectic club nights, as well as releasing several earlier ZAS / ZGRT singles and albums on his own label, Death Trip NYC. Starkey often accompanies his single releases with beautiful music videos, which films and directs in New York City with visual collaborator William Murray. For live performances, Starkey is often supported by his longtime live keyboardist Laura Holden, as well as musicians Ruby Z. Wang, Genevieve Kimmel Morris, and Frank Piccirillo.

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