All For Darcy releases ‘Too Beautiful for Earth’ EP

Peter Atkinson releases music written for his son Darcy, who passed away in unclear circumstances in Sydney, Australia


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All for Darcy came into existence when good mates Pete Atkinson and Sam Hickey played music at a Mt.Lilydale footy function. The two then started working on songs together, which Pete had been writing about his son Darcy Atkinson, who passed away in 2012 in unclear circumstances. Pete and Sam realised that the songs were more than just an emotional outlet with a rapidly growing fan base. Ordinary Life is the featured single from All For Darcy’s debut EP Too Beautiful for Earth.

Ordinary Life tells a true story about life’s changes. “It’s real, one day you’re in a happy simple routine and the next all hell can break loose without any notice. The song is written to be uplifting to the listener who may be pushing through a tough time just as I have been through.” Peter says.
All for Darcy formed in 2016 when Peter (Songwriter) was given the opportunity to record songs at Sing Sing studios. Peter had uploaded a song on Facebook written for his son Darcy Atkinson who passed away in 2012 whilst in the care of Darcy's mothers, then boyfriend.

The song was then heard by some good friends in Temper Trap who contacted Peter with the idea that he should professionally record his song with their producer and friend, Russell Fawcus at Sing Sing Studios in Cremorne. 
Peter took his chance and with good friend Sam (Drums), they arranged 
the songs with producer Russell and recorded the Too Beautiful for Earth. 
Peter and Sam were proud of what they had achieved and were keen to start 
a band and call it All for Darcy.
A chance meeting led to the skills of Danny Lilly who joined the band on bass guitar. The songs were now ready hit the stage. The boys had been searching for a guitarist to complete the line-up, fortunately a young strapping lad named 
Brett LeMin was in the crowd on their first gig. Brett joined the band, completing the line up and solidifying the iconic All for Darcy sound. All for Darcy exploded into the Victorian music scene dominating the battle of the bands and bring a positive energy to every stage they grace.

The band have a 90s rock sound, taking influence from the Goo Goo Dolls, Oasis and Jebediah. All for Darcy aim for their music to be uplifting for people to listen to, to bring hope to those who need it and also to highlight the importance of children’s welfare in broken families.
The group are now busy with shows at Geelong and Melbourne venues and recently won the Geelong battle of the bands in 2017. All for Darcy are now ready to launch their EP and are due to be back in the studio this year to record more songs.

All for Darcy want to raise awareness and be a voice for fathers who don’t have access to their children because of a biased unjust legal system.

Tour dates:

Date City Venue
Saturday 2nd June Camberwell The Palace Hotel

May 19, 2018 7:54pm ET by The A&R Department  

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