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The Darkness' Justin Hawkins reveals desire to write a musical

The Darkness mainman Justin Hawkins has revealed his desire to write a musical.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, the flamboyant singer admitted that one of his goals in life is to pen a musical - and said that he's had one in progress since 1995.

He's not looking to shoe horn The Darkness' tracks into the musical however - it would all be original content. He said:

"Something I've always wanted to do is a musical but, you know, musical from beginning to end, not like a musical of our songs horned into a storyline."

Perhaps with tongue firmly in cheek, Hawkins added that he has been working on an idea for a musical for some years - called 'The Collapse of the Lowestoft Fishing Industry'. He added:

"I started to work on one that was called The Collapse of the Lowestoft Fishing Industry...The main character has lost his throat to cancer so you have to sing all the songs in a voicebox. But that's kind of...I've got about three of the songs for it and the storyline but that’s the stage it's been at since 1995. Don't know if I'll ever get around to finishing it."




Watch the reunited Darkness at the Download Festival last year below: