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The Horrors save "narcotic consumption" for outside of work

Garage rock stars The Horrors save their "narcotic consumption" for weekends and times when they're not working on music as they don't feel it benefits the creative process at all. 

The group spoke to The Independent newspaper about how they like to work and member Webb explained that although their music is full of "elevation and euphoria" and "technicolour and psychedelic", inebriation ultimately doesn't contribute to what they come up with:

"We don't take drugs when we're working in the studio. A few times we have experimented with that, but we just end up doing stuff which sounds great at the time but then you listen back. So, no, narcotic consumption is reserved for weekends or the evenings but there is an influence of that. It's ecstasy, really."

Their brand new album 'Skying' is widely available now and you can watch their video for 'Still Life' here: