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Fast food chain make charity donation after using The Killers lyrics in fortune cookie

American-based fast food restaurant Panda Express has made a donation to charity after it was found to be using a line from a song by The Killers in its fortune cookies. 

Earlier this month, the band shared a photograph of a fortune from a Panda Express fortune cookie that simply read "smile like you mean it", which is a lyric from their song of the same name. The Killers accompanied it with the caption: "I'm thinkin' orange chicken for life and we'll let you off the hook for using our stuff."

On January 12, the band tweeted publicly: "Hey @PandaExpress. Put your money where your tweets are and help feed hungry people with some of that Panda love? #tweetnsour."

Upon seeing the message, Panda Express replied with the following post: "@TheKillers We’ll do you one better and put our food where our tweets are. Have a charity in mind that could use some #OrangeChickenLove?"

The band then shared a link to the page for a charity named Serving Our Kids, which is a foundation that is "dedicated to feeding and serving the need of Clark County's homeless and at-risk children", and the food chain confirmed that they would make a donation. 

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Watch The Killers' video for the song in question here:

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