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Brandon Flowers: "I'm not an idol"

The Killers' Brandon Flowers doesn't think he'll ever be an important idol in the music world.

The frontman is famed for his songwriting talents and flamboyant on-stage performances, but doesn't think his skills warrant any special attention.

Despite winning the Idol gong at the annual Q Awards earlier this year, Flowers insists he'll never be as inspiring as the stars he looked up to as an aspiring musician.

The singer told Q magazine: “I feel it sometimes. But how could I ever feel as important as they do? I could never feel like that, as they did to me.”

Flowers also revealed his own idols in the interview.

He said: “For me growing up it was Robert Smith, David Bowie and Morrissey - those were the people on my wall. All of them are strong figures, strong frontmen."

He continued: "There's something tangible about their vibe.”




Watch the video for The Killers' 'Runaway' here: