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The Script tried out 'hardcore rap' on new album

The Script have revealed that they branched out into "hardcore rap" whilst writing their upcoming new album.

The Irish group are due to release 'No Sound Without Silence' on September 15 and they opened up to Digital Spy about their experimentation during writing sessions.

The band said they dipped toes into a number of different genres, including ska, drum and bass and rap.

Danny O'Donoghue said: "There was a very fast song - it never made the album - but it was called 'No Sound Without Silence' [the title track] and was uptempo reggae. It was at 160bpm and was kind of Police-y ska."

Mark Sheehan added: "A drum and bass rock song, if you can imagine that? It could have gone on there, but when the newer songs arrived it didn't. It didn't really sound like us."

Singer O'Donoghue continued: "Then there was everything in between. Some hardcore...I'm going to say hardcore rap songs, and then some songs with just the guitar. We messed around with a lot of different sounds. What you get on the album is one foot in Ireland with the Irish melodies, but also one foot in the UK and America with the production and where music is going."

'No Sound Without Silence' meanwhile will be preceded by the single 'Superheroes'.

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Watch The Script's 'Superheroes' video below: