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Danny O'Donoghue says The Voice role was an 'obvious' way to boost The Script's profile

Danny O'Donoghue says he appeared on The Voice to increase the profile of his band The Script.

The singer featured as a coach on the BBC TV talent show for two series in 2012 and 2013.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, the vocal star said that the programme represented a new for his band to attract listeners.

O'Donoghue said: "I want everyone in the world to hear my music, so doing The Voice was an automatic choice for me, especially considering that there are no shows like Top of the Pops or CD:UK left anymore. We never courted the press by falling out of clubs and calling up paparazzi to take photos of us, so we had to find another way to increase the band's profile.

"It was a very obvious thing to do, although I don't do Celebrity Big Brother or those other reality shows. I think The Voice had a great synergy with the band. I got in and got out. If I'd done it for four years or more, I'd start to become part of the BBC establishment."

Speaking meanwhile about the style of The Script's music, O'Donoghue said:

"Over time I think people will realise that we aren't trying to be what critics and reviewers want. We are an unashamedly pop rock act that writes songs from the heart. I was told by a lot of people in the industry that if you get a five-star review, you might sell forty or fifty thousand records. If you get no stars or one star, you'll go through the f*cking roof."

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