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The Script's Danny O'Donoghue laments music industry, bigs up Adele

The Script's Danny O'Donoghue has criticised the image-conscious nature of the music industry, citing Adele as the perfect example of breaking the mould.

The singer is set to become a judge in new TV talent show The Voice, which claims to focus more on vocal talent than image.

The Metro reports that O'Donoghue took a shot at the music industry, stating that too many people are being moulded into an idea of what the perfect pop star should be like - and used Adele as an example of someone who is slightly different than the norm. He said:

"We need to take the music industry by the scruff of the neck and get it back out of, 'Everybody needs to be in this mould and if you're not in this silhouette of that's what a pop star should be then you're not getting in. There's artists out there that are breaking the mould. Adele's a perfect example. Six Grammys."

Fellow The Voice coach Jessie J meanwhile added her tuppence worth, stating that whilst she likes to look nice, she wants to be known more for her music.




Take a look at The Voice UK below: