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Danny O’Donoghue defends The Voice’s ‘too nice’ approach

The Voice coach Danny O’Donoghue has hit back at critics who describe the show as ‘too nice.’

The BBC series, which has lost nearly six million viewers since it moved from the blind auditions to the live stages, has come under fire for its refusal to criticise contestants, but The Script frontman told The Sun that he’s proud that it doesn’t resort to the cruelty of other talent shows:

“The stance we’ve taken is that you can deliver bad news in a good way. Maybe it’s not great for ratings but we had a 17-year-old on our show and she wasn’t great. Are we going to destroy her so she couldn’t walk down the street? Absolutely not.

“I’m not there to say ‘You’re s***, get off. I give them constructive criticism. I know it doesn’t make for good TV. I don’t want to bring people to tears. Who wants to see a kid cry?”

The 31-year-old, whose remaining group of four singers will be whittled down to two later tonight, also claimed that he’s not too concerned with the show’s falling ratings:

“This happens everywhere. It starts off explosive but then, when it goes to the lives, there’s a big drop. It happens. But the trend is it goes back up.

“It’s the BBC’s first time around with the show so we’re learning every week. We’re still tinkering with the format but no one is going, ‘Oh no! The ratings — we’re all jumping ship’. We’re really proud of the show.”




Watch Team Danny's performance of Muse's 'Starlight' below: