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The Veronicas are being stalked by a female fan

While twins Jessica and Lisa Origliasso are the star attraction, they have to battle to get on their tour bus due to a giddy woman trying to get her claws into married Vik Foxx.

Blonde Jess says,“This woman drives behind our bus all the time as she’s obsessed with our drummer and wants to talk to him after every show.” And she’s not the only one who has been driven wild by their act.

Jess added, “We also have a girl who flies out to every show in LA from Australia. Our Aussie fans make T-shirts whereas the Americans have Veronicas tattoos. It goes from one extreme to the other.”

The 24-year-old Brisbane babes are still riding high in the Top 10 with single Untouched.

They are in such demand over here that they have put back the release of their album Hook Me Up until September 21 so they can tour the UK.

Jess revealed, “We played a venue recently which turned out to be a Christian community centre. We were told not to wear anything that’s going to show too much flesh so Lisa walked in wearing a vest showing her bra. Our support band The Love Willows had naked mannequins painted in different colours on stage and 30 people demanded a refund on seeing them. We are used to causing a stir without really trying.”

Unfortunately, due to US commitments, the twins will have to miss out on performing at Glastonbury next week.

Lisa said, “We came in a little late this year but we’d love to do Glastonbury. Festivals are fun because you get to hang out with other artists.”

Watch The Veronicas' official video for 'Untouched' here: