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The Wanted blame international exposure for split

The Wanted's Jay McGuiness believes international exposure contributed to the downfall of the group.

The British-Irish boyband announced earlier this year that their upcoming UK and US tour would be their last for a long time.

A number of reasons have been attributed to their split, such as lack of label interest and tensions between the band born from their reality TV show.

However, Jay McGuiness told Digital Spy that he believes spreading the band over international markets may have had an adverse effect.

He said: "Your workload increases tenfold - or however many countries in the world there are. Because you can only see a country for two days, sometimes you don't feel like you can nail everywhere - there's too much ground to cover. I think in The Hobbit they say it's like being butter spread over too much bread, and it's like, 'OK, I can feel that metaphor happening right now.' I think now it's time to be smaller bread."

The singer meanwhile also said in the same interview that the band are open to gig offers despite their hiatus.

Watch The Wanted in action below: