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The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran: 'I want a Star Wars wedding'

Heartthrob Siva Kaneswaran, of The Wanted fame, has revealed that when he marries his girlfriend Nareesha McCaffrey he wants a themed wedding and has a particular sci-fi movie in mind for their big day.

Speaking about his dream wedding, the 25-year-old singer explained that he is hoping to include some Star Wars influences although he's not sure what his fiancée would think about that:

"We're thinking of a 'Great Gatsby'-themed wedding with costumes and all that."

He went onto add: "I want a Star Wars wedding but maybe my missus doesn't want that so we'll have to discuss it."

The 'Chasing The Sun' hitmaker also told People magazine that he plans to continue being heavily involved in the entertainment industry now that The Wanted has split: "I'm going to move [to Los Angeles] and do a little bit of acting and obviously carry on singing."

Kaneswaran also recently told press that he regrets doing The Wanted's reality show because it was so unedited and revealing : "Do I regret doing it? Oh my God, yes! Everyone showed their true colours in that show. That's where the team element was shaken. It wasn't The Wanted team anymore. Everyone was thinking of themselves. It doesn't matter how close you are to someone - it's amazing what people can do to get you agitated." 

Watch an interview with Kaneswaran here: