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The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran: 'Now I'm not in a band I can do what I want - there's no role to play'

Heartthrob Siva Kaneswaran, of The Wanted fame, has revealed that he's glad to be free of the restraints his boyband put on him because he now feels as though he doesn't have to fill or play a predetermined role.

He admitted that being part of the boyband was fun, but now he doesn't have a specific role to play in a group of lads he can just be true to himself where his career is concerned:

"I just want to go crazy. I have to play a role in the band."

The 'Chasing The Sun' star added that he has significantly more freedom now: "I have to be 'that guy' and sing and do the usual dance, the air grabs. Now I can do what I want."

The singer added to Paper magazine that he's excited to begin carving out a solo career and can't wait to collaborate with people, because that's what he really wants to do: "I'll take something like Lionel Richie or Earth, Wind & Fire and mix that with something new, like Coldplay... (and) I want to work with everyone... I'll feature on everyone's track."

Earlier this evening (May 20), the hitmaker admitted that he's feeling creative and plans to spend the rest of the day writing new songs: "Feeling very inspired today...think I'll write some new music."

Watch a recent interview with Kaneswaran here: