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The Wanted "clarify One Direction comments" on Twitter

The Wanted appear to have clarified comments they reportedly made in interviews about One Direction.

The band have been on the promotional trail whilst they trek around the UK on an arena tour, with some comments about One Direction appearing in their interviews.

Max George had been quoted as saying that he thought the former X Factor contestants were more about aesthetics than the actual music.

However, Digital Spy reports that he took to Twitter to suggest that some interviews have been "twisted". The tweet, which has since been deleted, said:

"Just to clear up...I think interviews have been twisted and made into much dramtatic than what they were.. We appreciate all other artists (sic)"

He continued, possibly referring to quotes attributed to him about the age of The Wanted's fanbase, by saying that they appreciate their fans of any age. He said:

"And all fans of any age, whether youre 1 or 90. Anyone who says or thinks different is full of s**t. Hope this puts peoples minds at rest xx"

George's bandmate Nathan Sykes meanwhile tweeted: "When someone takes your words and twists them its like a knife in the back #whathappenedtothegoodguys?!"




Watch The Wanted's video for 'Warzone' below: