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The Wanted reveal UK radio station struggle

The Wanted have admitted that they struggled with getting some airplay in the UK because they are a "boy band".

The Belfast Telegraph quotes the band's Nathan Sykes as saying the band often had difficulty gaining radio play in case some stations lost "credibility". He said:

"Some radio stations in the UK who found out we were a boy band refused to play (our music). They were like, 'We love the song, but we can't play boy bands because we'll lose our credibility'."

Sykes' bandmate Jay McGuiness meanwhile said that in the US, they had no difficulty getting their single 'Glad You Came' promotion. He said:

"In America, before they even questioned who we were, they were like, 'We like the song. Let's play it. And that changed things for us."




Watch The Wanted's 'Chasing The Sun' below: