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The Wanted aren't surprised by U.S. success because they believe in their own music

Heartthrobs The Wanted have admitted that their success in the USA didn't come as a great shock because they genuinely believed in the strength of their own music before heading out there.

The lads revealed to Capital FM that the key to growing any kind of fanbase is having great tracks and they enjoy the songs they have recorded so were confident that their positive attitude would translate to an American audience:

"When you've got the songs, we've had seven or eight singles now, and I think they're all great – not even biased I just think the music is just really good. So I just think when you go over there with great music, people can't not listen to really good music and not enjoy good music."

Singer Tom Parker added that luckily they weren't thought of as a typical boyband when 'All Time Low' began to attract attention in the U.S. because that could potentially have clouded their accessibility, but people loved the song first then found out about the group after:

"What was good is we went over there and people listened to the music before they knew it was a boyband and it was the same in the UK."




"We came out with 'All Time Low' and people heard the song before they knew about the band which I think is a really good thing."

Watch the hitmakers talk about their phenomenal stateside success below: