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The Wanted's Max George admits US women were a tough challenge

The Wanted star Max George has revealed that American women are a tough nut to crack.

The British-Irish boyband spent a lot of time in the States recently as they filmed their debut reality TV show The Wanted Life.

The lads are well-known for their womanising tendencies, but it seems George didn't have too much luck with the ladies whilst abroad. He told new! magazine of their US adventure:

"The women. They were a challenge."

The singer added that one woman who he did manage to bed has subsequently given him the cold shoulder. George said:

"Well, she hasn't rung me with any news, so no news is good news in my book, I'll give it another seven months and I'll tell you then. I'm going to live to regret that one, aren't I?"





Watch The Wanted in America below: